Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Environments Plus: What We Do - NBC Universal

Here is a job we did last year for NBC - Universal at Environments Plus - NBC Universal's IT Relocation project.

First, the planning.

A nice view over the San Fernando Valley.

And, the work space.....

Whether you are starting a new business, new business space or completing an office relocation, Environments Plus is your office furniture solution.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Environments Plus: The Seeyond - Hyatt Long Beach Twisted Column Installation

Here is some more of our installation work at the Seeyond-Hyatt in Long Beach, California.

Pretty cool, yes?

Here is our installation in time lapse:

If you like what you see, give us a call for all of your design/office furniture needs.

Environments Plus: We Are Looking to Hire an Installer - Level 1

We are always looking for good employees at Environments Plus.

Mark and I would like to hire an Installer - Level 1. 

This employee will be hired with little or no experience and will be under complete supervision.

Here are the requirements:

1.      Valid California driver’s license.
2.      Reliable transportation to and from work site.
3.      Communication skills with the office
4.      Must be reliable, keeping a good attendance record.
5.      Excellent organizational skills, detail oriented at the work site and all paperwork.
6.      Must learn basic product handling:
  1. Loading and unloading of trucks
  2. Un-cartooning product
  3. Staging product
  4. Trashing cartons and packaging
  5. Return trash to legal dump site.
7.      Consistently uses equipment correctly:
8.      Is able to protect a job site prior to installation (elevators, floors, walls, etc.), unassisted
9.      Cleaning and detailing furniture
6.   Understanding of staging of product
7.   Ability to effectively install cased goods (leveled and details)
8.   Use correct tool for each application.
9.    Consistently installs and levels at consistent and efficient pace: frames, panels, electrical          
       connections, tiles and components.
10.   Understand proper methods to protect cased goods furniture when moving and loading.
11.   Moving, placing boxes on and off dollies
12.   Understanding install and move drawing
13.   Disconnect, reconnect and handling of PC’s
14.     Knowledge of all Haworth/Knoll products and parts.
15.     Wear proper dress attire (see dress code)
16.     Ability to detail, level and gang files and install counterweights
17.     Must learn basic warehouse procedure
a.       Organization
b.      Understand and maintain warehouse procedures
18.     Driver’s rack
a.       Proper use of furniture pads
b.       Proper manner in which to fold and store pads
c.       Proper maintenance and upkeep of driver’s rack

If you meet these requirements and want a job with our company , we would be happy to have you contact us.

Environments Plus: We Are Looking to Hire - A Project Manager

We are always looking for good employees at Environments Plus.

Mark and I would like to hire a Project Manager.

Here are the requirements:

Reports to: Operations Manager

Direct Reports: None

Basic Responsibility:

Sets up, plans, coordinates and supervises multiple installation projects. Oversees leads and crews and any subcontractors or outside vendors. Responsible for the quality of work, meeting cost parameters, finishing on time and complete customer satisfaction for work performed.

Specific Responsibility:

  • Provides a single point of contact for the customer on all project communication and paperwork.
  • Responds to customer requests for service/projects and determines scope of work; defines installation requirements based on customers request.
  • Interfaces with customer, customer’s third parties and service west operations/office staff throughout installation, communicating project status, costs, required documentation, problems, and punch list items, etc.
  • Provides technical consultation to customer and customer’s team.

Installation Planning:
  • Visits and reviews site conditions
  • Secures installation plans and documentation; reviews them for completeness, accuracy and definitive scope of work
  • Develops installation work plan, schedule and logistics based on overall project parameters, project schedule and scope, and customer’s goals.
  • Reviews installation quote for accuracy and completeness; provides quotes when Estimator is too Busy with other quotes.
  • Review work plans, drawings, and installation requirements with lead prior to installation start
Installation Coordination:
  • Coordinates with customer, contractor, building manager, electrician, cabling contractor, etc.; coordinates with Service West subcontractors; ensures tat insurance certificates, building permits, parking permits, etc are pulled and distributed in a timely matter.
  • Helps establish shipping sequence and monitors order and shipping status throughout project.
  • Supervises site installation, including performance of work, installation paperwork and timeliness or task completion; visits site often enough to understand status and project issued; communicates with leads and customers regularly
  • Ensures that field paperwork is complete, accurate and processed in a timely manner
  • Manages change orders and changes to the scope of work; solicits customers approval and resolution actions.
If you meet these requirements and want a job with our company , we would be happy to have you contact us.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Environments Plus: What We Do - The Army Reserve

Here is a job Mark and I did over at the Army Reserve Center in Bell, California.

Our family loves America and wants our military to have the best.

This job was a real pleasure for us.

With a very good result.

So, whether your needs are with the federal, state or local governments, give us a call or contact us.

Environments Plus is Your Office Furniture Solution.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Environments Plus: What We Do - Office Relocation Services

Here is a neat job we did last year for BMW.

You know besides office furniture installation, we also provide office relocation services at Environments Plus.

Here is a client list:

More photos from the job:

The start

You have to plan

More BMW sales coming up

So, if you are planning an office installation or even an office relocation, contact me at Environments Plus.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Day at the Office - Environments Plus

I am at work at my company, Environments Plus and there is plenty of it - look at my desk.

Yet, my lovely husband, Mark, wants to take a photo.

In the meantime, here is Mark (in the blue shirt) and Ed working on the dispatch for a job.

Just another day....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Environments Plus: What We Do - Furniture Installation

I thought I would explain what we do at Environments Plus.

One is furniture installation - after all, we are your office furniture solution.

With very strong installation and reconfiguration capabilities, we have developed expertise in how to plan, organize, staff and manage installations.

We understand all aspects of reconfigurations, including sensitive equipment movement, content boxing and movement of existing furniture combined with furniture reconfiguration of new and existing product.

We understand the importance of reconfiguration / relocation logistics and have developed processes which increase synergy and allow multiple trades to accomplish multiple tasks cohesively.

Here are some of the manufacturers with whom we work:

Here are some photos of a job we did last year for Parsons:

So, give me a call or contact me for your office furniture installation needs.