Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Environments Plus: We Are Looking to Hire Installers and Drivers

We are always looking for good employees at Environments Plus.

Mark and I would like to hire some installers and/or a drivers.

This is a great job for college students!

Here are some of the requirements for the jobs and a physical exam, plus a drug test will be required.

1.      Valid California driver’s license.
2.      Reliable transportation to and from work site.
3.      Communication skills with the office
4.      Must be reliable, keeping a good attendance record.
5.      Excellent organizational skills, detail oriented at the work site and all paperwork.
6.      Must learn basic product handling:
  1. Loading and unloading of trucks
  2. Un-cartooning product
  3. Staging product
  4. Trashing cartons and packaging
  5. Return trash to legal dump site.
7.      Consistently uses equipment correctly:
8.      Is able to protect a job site prior to installation (elevators, floors, walls, etc.), unassisted
9.      Cleaning and detailing furniture
6.   Understanding of staging of product
7.   Ability to effectively install cased goods (leveled and details)
8.   Use correct tool for each application.
9.    Consistently installs and levels at consistent and efficient pace: frames, panels, electrical          
       connections, tiles and components.
10.   Understand proper methods to protect cased goods furniture when moving and loading.
11.   Moving, placing boxes on and off dollies
12.   Understanding install and move drawing
13.   Disconnect, reconnect and handling of PC’s
14.     Knowledge of all Haworth/Knoll products and parts.
15.     Wear proper dress attire (see dress code)
16.     Ability to detail, level and gang files and install counterweights
17.     Must learn basic warehouse procedure
a.       Organization
b.      Understand and maintain warehouse procedures
18.     Driver’s rack
a.       Proper use of furniture pads
b.       Proper manner in which to fold and store pads
c.       Proper maintenance and upkeep of driver’s rack

If you meet these requirements and want a job with our company , we would be happy to have you contact us.

Please contact Ed Larkin at 805-375-5727 Ext 103.

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